What Does Priority Mean on Instagram?

What Does Priority Mean on Instagram? A Comprehensive Guide

Instagram, the popular social media platform, is constantly evolving to enhance the user experience.

With each new update, Instagram introduces features designed to improve how users interact with the app and each other. One such feature that has recently gained attention is the Priority label in the DM section.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into what Priority means on Instagram, how it works, and its impact on the overall user experience.

What Does Priority Mean on Instagram?

What Does Priority Mean on Instagram?

Priority is a new feature on Instagram that aims to help users manage their DMs more effectively. The Priority label is assigned to accounts that a user frequently interacts with, making it easier to identify and respond to important messages. This feature is part of Instagram’s ongoing efforts to improve the app’s messaging experience and keep users engaged.

What is the Priority Feature on Instagram?

The priority feature on Instagram is a new addition to the platform that allows users to label their most important contacts in their direct messages. It works by analyzing the frequency of conversations with different users and assigning them a priority label. This label appears next to the user’s name in your DMs, making it easier to locate and access important conversations. The priority feature is designed to enhance the user experience by ensuring that important messages are never missed, and it is automatically activated following the latest update.

How Does the Priority Label Work?

The Priority label appears next to the username of accounts that Instagram deems important to a user based on their interaction history. When a user opens their DM section, Priority accounts are listed at the top, ensuring they don’t get lost among other messages. This feature is designed to help users quickly identify and respond to messages from people they care about most.

Purpose of the Priority Feature

The primary purpose of the Priority feature is to enhance the user experience by making it easier to manage DMs. Instagram aims to streamline communication and ensure important messages don’t go unnoticed by prioritizing accounts that a user frequently interacts with. This feature is particularly useful for users with a large number of followers or those who receive a high volume of DMs.

How to Turn off the Priority Feature on Instagram?

As of now, Instagram does not provide an option to turn off the Priority feature. The app automatically determines which accounts are Priority based on a user’s interaction history.

However, some users have expressed concerns about the accuracy of the Priority label, as it may not always reflect their true priorities. Instagram is likely to refine this feature based on user feedback in future updates.

How to Get the “Priority” Label or Tag for an Instagram User?

How to Get the “Priority” Label or Tag for an Instagram User?

Users cannot manually assign the Priority label to an account. Instagram’s algorithm determines Priority accounts based on factors such as the frequency of interactions, the recency of conversations, and the overall engagement between users. To increase the likelihood of being labeled as a Priority account, users should maintain consistent and meaningful interactions with the accounts they care about most.

How Does Instagram Determine Priority Accounts?

Factors That Influence Priority Status

Several factors influence which accounts receive the Priority label on Instagram. These include:

  1. Frequency of interactions: Accounts that a user frequently messages, mentions, or tags are more likely to be labeled as Priority.
  2. Recency of conversations: Recent interactions carry more weight in determining Priority status.
  3. Engagement level: Accounts with higher levels of engagement, such as likes, comments, and shares, are more likely to be considered Priority.

Instagram’s Algorithm For Prioritizing Accounts

Instagram’s algorithm for prioritizing accounts is designed to learn from a user’s behavior and adapt accordingly. The more a user interacts with certain accounts, the more likely those accounts are to be labeled as Priority. The algorithm also considers the type of interactions, with direct messages and mentions on platforms like Facebook and Twitter carrying more weight than likes or comments.

What Does a Priority Like Mean on Instagram?

Explanation of Priority Likes

Priority likes are a separate concept from the Priority label in DMs. When a user likes a post, Instagram may label it as a Priority like if the user frequently engages with that account’s content. Priority likes are visible only to the account owner and are designed to provide insights into which followers are most engaged with their content.

How Priority Likes Differ From Regular Likes?

Priority likes are essentially a subset of regular likes, representing likes from accounts that frequently engage with a user’s content. While regular likes indicate overall popularity, Priority likes provide a more targeted view of an account’s most engaged followers. This information can be valuable for businesses and influencers looking to understand their audience and tailor their content accordingly.

Understanding Priority Notifications on Instagram

What Triggers Priority Notifications?

Priority notifications are triggered when a Priority account interacts with a user’s content or sends them a message. These notifications are designed to stand out from regular notifications, ensuring that users don’t miss important interactions. Priority notifications may include likes, comments, mentions, or DMs from Priority accounts.

Importance Of Priority Notifications For Users

Priority notifications are important for users who want to stay on top of interactions from the accounts they care about most. Instagram assists users in promptly recognizing and reacting to significant interactions by emphasizing notifications from Priority accounts. This feature is particularly valuable for users who receive a high volume of notifications and may otherwise miss important interactions.

Priority Followers on Instagram

Definition Of Priority Followers

Priority followers are accounts that frequently engage with a user’s content and are labeled as Priority by Instagram’s algorithm. These followers are considered more valuable to a user because they consistently interact with their posts, stories, and other content. Priority followers are not an official Instagram term but rather a concept derived from the Priority label in DMs.

Impact Of Having Priority Followers

Having a significant number of Priority followers can positively impact an account’s visibility and engagement on Instagram. When a user has many Priority followers, their content is more likely to appear in those followers’ feeds, increasing the chances of likes, comments, and shares. This increased engagement can lead to better overall performance on the platform and help users grow their audience.


Can You Manually Set an Account as Priority?

No, users cannot manually set an account as Priority. Instagram’s algorithm determines Priority accounts based on interaction history and engagement levels.

Is the Priority Feature Available to all Users?

The Priority feature is gradually rolling out to all Instagram users. Some users may not have access to the feature yet, but it is expected to be available to everyone in the near future.

Does Being a Priority Account Affect Visibility?

Being a Priority account does not directly impact visibility on Instagram. However, Priority accounts are more likely to have their content seen by the users who have labeled them as Priority due to their frequent interactions.

Can You Lose Priority Status Once You Have It?

Yes, an account can lose its Priority status if the user’s interaction with that account decreases over time. Instagram’s algorithm continuously updates Priority labels based on the most recent interaction history.

How Does the Priority Feature Impact Instagram’s Algorithm?

The Priority feature is a result of Instagram’s algorithm learning from user behavior and interactions. While the feature itself does not directly impact the algorithm, it is an indication of how the algorithm prioritizes content based on user engagement.

How Frequently Does Instagram Update Priority Rankings?

Instagram continuously updates Priority rankings based on the most recent user interactions. The exact frequency of these updates is not disclosed by Instagram, but it is believed to occur regularly to ensure the Priority labels remain relevant and accurate.

Is The Priority Label For Instagram DMs Only?

Yes, the Priority label is currently only available in the DM section of Instagram. It does not appear in other areas of the app, such as the main feed or stories.

Is The Priority Label in Instagram DMs Useful?

The usefulness of the Priority label in Instagram DMs depends on the individual user’s needs and preferences. For users who receive a high volume of DMs, the Priority label can be a helpful tool for managing their inbox and ensuring important messages don’t go unnoticed. However, some users may find the feature less useful if they don’t rely heavily on Instagram DMs for communication.


The Priority feature on Instagram is a valuable addition to the app’s DM section, designed to enhance the user experience by prioritizing important conversations.

By understanding what Priority means on Instagram and how it works, users can make the most of this feature to streamline their communication and stay connected with the accounts that matter most to them.

As Instagram continues to evolve, we can expect further refinements to the Priority feature based on user feedback and changing communication trends on the platform.

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