LinkedIn Weekly Invitation Limit

LinkedIn Weekly Invitation Limit: How to Make the Most of It

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking platform, connecting millions of professionals globally.

However, to maintain the quality and relevance of connections, LinkedIn imposes a weekly invitation limit on its users.

This article explores the LinkedIn weekly invitation limit, its impact on your networking efforts, and strategies to optimize your LinkedIn outreach in 2024.

What is The Weekly Invitation Limit on LinkedIn?

What is The Weekly Invitation Limit on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has limited the number of connection requests you can send to approximately 100-200 invites per week. Previously, the limit was higher at around 700 invites per week. This new limit has been implemented to combat spam and encourage more meaningful connections.

When Does LinkedIn Weekly Limit Reset?

Your LinkedIn weekly connection limit resets exactly seven days from when you send your first invitation. For example, if you send an invite on Monday at 1 PM, it will reset the following Monday at the same time.

How Many LinkedIn Invites Can I Send Per Week?

For most LinkedIn members, the maximum number of connection requests you can send is around 100 per week.

However, if you have a good Social Selling Index (SSI) score and an older account, you may be able to send up to 200 invitations per week.

On a daily basis, you can send about 20-25 connection requests on average.

To increase your LinkedIn SSI and send more connection requests, you can optimize your LinkedIn profile and follow best practices for networking on the platform, such as using LinkedIn Recruiter, as recommended by LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index score to improve the overall member experience.

What is the Impact of the New LinkedIn Invitation Limit?

The new weekly invitation limit, also known as the invitation restriction, has a significant impact on how you should plan and execute your LinkedIn outreach campaigns. Connection requests are now a limited resource that you can’t afford to waste.

You need to focus on techniques to bypass the LinkedIn connection request limit, send more relevant requests, and personalize them to maximize their impact on this popular social media platform.

What Are The Benefits Of The Invitation Limit?

What Are The Benefits Of The Invitation Limit?

While the reduced LinkedIn invitation limit may seem restrictive, it actually has several benefits:

  1. It encourages users to be more selective and thoughtful about who they invite to connect. This leads to more relevant and valuable connections.
  2. It helps maintain the quality and integrity of the LinkedIn network by reducing spam and irrelevant requests.
  3. It pushes users to engage more meaningfully with their existing connections and nurture those relationships.
  4. It levels the playing field between regular and premium LinkedIn accounts, as all members are subject to the same weekly limit regardless of their subscription.

How to Build a Strong LinkedIn Network?

How to Build a Strong LinkedIn Network?

Building a strong and engaged LinkedIn network is key to your professional success.

Here are some tips:

  1. Optimize your LinkedIn profile with a professional photo, compelling headline, detailed work experience, and relevant keywords. This increases the likelihood that people will accept your invitations.
  2. Share valuable content regularly to establish your expertise and thought leadership. This attracts followers organically.
  3. Engage actively with your connections’ posts by liking, commenting, and sharing. This keeps you top of mind.
  4. Join relevant LinkedIn groups and participate in discussions. This exposes you to a wider audience in your industry.
  5. Personalize your connection requests with a note on why you want to connect. Generic invites are more likely to be ignored.
  6. Follow up with new connections and move the conversation to a phone call or meeting. The real value lies in taking relationships offline.

How To Bypass LinkedIn Weekly Connection Limit?

How To Bypass LinkedIn Weekly Connection Limit?

While you should aim to stay within LinkedIn’s limits, there are some legitimate ways to bypass the restriction when needed:

Connect With Open Profiles

One underrated strategy is to find and message LinkedIn Open Profiles. These are member profiles that allow you to send them direct messages without being connected. You can save your connection requests by messaging Open Profiles directly. LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Recruiter allow you to filter profiles by “Open Profile“.

Find Emails From LinkedIn

Another way to reach LinkedIn members outside the invitation limit is to find their email addresses and contact them directly.

Tools like Evaboot and Skylead can help you find and verify emails from LinkedIn profiles, in accordance with LinkedIn’s User Agreement. You can then use email outreach to start a conversation and eventually invite them to connect on LinkedIn.

If you encounter any issues or have questions about your invitation limit, don’t hesitate to reach out to LinkedIn Support for assistance. They can provide information on the status of your invitations or any restrictions on your account.

Connect With Group Members and Event Attendees

Joining LinkedIn groups and events related to your industry is a great way to meet relevant professionals. You can message fellow group members and event attendees directly on LinkedIn without sending a connection request. If you have a good conversation, you can then invite them to connect.

Sync LinkedIn With Your Email Contacts

LinkedIn allows you to import your email contacts and see who’s already on the platform. You can then invite them to connect without it counting towards your weekly limit. However, be selective and only sync contacts that are relevant to your professional network.

Use LinkedIn Messages Ads

If you have a LinkedIn advertising budget, you can use Message Ads to send direct sponsored messages to your target audience. These ads appear in the recipient’s LinkedIn inbox and can include a call-to-action to visit your website or connect with you. Message Ads don’t count towards your invitation limit.

How To Send More Connection Requests On LinkedIn?

How To Send More Connection Requests On LinkedIn?

In addition to bypassing the limit, you can also increase the number of invitations you’re allowed to send:

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

A complete and compelling LinkedIn profile is essential to increasing your invitation acceptance rate. Make sure you have a professional profile picture, a clear headline, detailed work experience, relevant skills, and a summary that showcases your personality and expertise.

Increase Your Invitation Acceptance Rate

The more invitations that are accepted, the more you’re allowed to send. Personalize each connection request with a note on why you want to connect. Follow up with a welcome message once they accept. Avoid sending generic or spammy invitations.

Publish Great Content On LinkedIn

Posting valuable content consistently helps you gain visibility and attract connection requests organically. Share a mix of industry news, tips, insights, and personal stories. Use images, videos, and documents to make your posts more engaging.

Warm Up Your LinkedIn Account

If you have a new LinkedIn account, warm it up gradually by connecting with people you know, engaging with others’ content, and posting updates before starting outreach. This establishes your credibility and avoids triggering LinkedIn’s spam filters.

Get Linkedin Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium tool that allows you to send more invitations than a basic account. It also provides advanced search filters, lead recommendations, and insights to help you find and engage with the right prospects.

Use LinkedIn Automation Tools

LinkedIn automation tools like Expandi, Dux-Soup, and Linked Helper can help you scale your outreach efforts without hitting the invitation limit.

These tools automate profile visits, connection requests, messages, and endorsements based on your target criteria, making them valuable for lead generation.

However, use them cautiously and configure settings to mimic human behavior to avoid being flagged by LinkedIn. You can also use these tools to automate your Open InMail Campaigns for LinkedIn events, allowing you to book more calls and connect with your target audience.

LinkedIn Connections Limit

LinkedIn Connections Limit

In addition to the weekly invitation limit, LinkedIn also has a total cap on the number of connections you can have:

How Many LinkedIn Connections Can You Have?

LinkedIn allows a maximum of 30,000 1st-degree connections. Once you reach this limit, you won’t be able to send or accept any more connection requests until you go below the threshold.

Can I Have More Than 30,000 Connections On LinkedIn?

No, 30,000 is the hard limit for the number of 1st-degree connections. However, you can still grow your network beyond this by gaining followers. Followers can see your posts and updates without being directly connected to you.

When Does The LinkedIn Connection Limit Reset?

The 30,000 connections limit does not reset. It is a total cap on the number of 1st-degree connections you can have at any point in time. You need to remove existing connections to add new ones once you reach the limit.

How To React When You Reach LinkedIn Connections Limit?

If you hit the 30,000 limit, you should review your connections and remove those that are no longer relevant or active. Focus on quality over quantity. You can also shift your strategy to gaining more followers instead of direct connections.

Can Having Too Many Connections On LinkedIn Negatively Impact My Networking Efforts?

Yes, having an extremely large number of low-quality connections can dilute the effectiveness of your network. It makes it harder to find and engage with relevant prospects. It may also raise red flags about the authenticity of your account. Aim for a balanced network of quality connections.


What Counts Towards My LinkedIn Invitation Limit?

Connection requests sent directly or through the “People You May Know” feature count towards your weekly limit. Invitations sent to fellow group members or event attendees do not count.

Can I Increase My Weekly Invitation Limit On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn does not allow you to increase your invitation limit on request. However, you can grow it organically by optimizing your profile, posting engaging content, and increasing your acceptance rate.

What Strategies Can Prevent Me From Hitting the Limit?

Be selective about who you invite and personalize each request. Withdraw pending invitations that have not been accepted for a long time. Use InMail, groups, and events to connect with people outside your network.

How Do I Know If I’m Close to Reaching My Limit?

LinkedIn does not show you how many invitations you have left. However, you can track your sent invitations in the “Manage invitations” section under “My Network“. If you receive the “You’ve reached the weekly invitation limit” message, you know you’ve hit the cap.

Can Cancelled Invitations Restore My Weekly Limit?

No, withdrawing pending invitations does not reset your weekly limit. However, it’s still a good practice to clean up your pending invitations regularly to improve your acceptance rate.

How Often Does LinkedIn Update Its Invitation Limit Policy?

LinkedIn periodically reviews and updates its invitation limit policy to maintain the platform’s integrity. The last major change was in 2021, when the weekly limit was reduced from 1000 to 100-200 invitations. Stay updated with LinkedIn’s Help Center for the latest guidelines.


The LinkedIn weekly invitation limit is a reality that all users must navigate in 2024.

The limit’s mechanics and impact of LinkedIn’s algo is important – based on this, you can optimize your outreach strategy to build a strong and engaged professional network.

Pro tip: Focus on quality over quantity, personalize your invitations, and use alternative ways to connect with prospects.

With the right approach, you can grow your LinkedIn presence and achieve your business goals while staying within the platform’s limits.

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